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Refone National day Holiday Notice

Refone National day Holiday Notice

The 2022 National Day holiday of Refone is from October 1st to October 7th, if you have any demand in turbos during the holiday, please feel free to leave us a message via email or Whatsapp. The National Day of the People's Republic of China, sometimes abbreviated as National Day or Guoqing, is a fe...



SUMMER VACATION 2022 IS COMING! Many companies started their summer vacations arrangement. And the vacaiton in most European or American companies is around 3 months! All the employees can take advantage of the vacation to having a good rest and fun!

There are generally the following options for summer vacation:
  • Hang on with friends and visit relatives
Busy work makes people not have time to chatting with friends and reunite with relatives. Taking advantage of this holiday, people will find friends to hanging out, eating barbecue together or blow the sea breeze together, they also enjoy chatting with relatives, discussing childhood fun, and spend leisurely every day!
  • Go to a resort
Being in the city for a long time will make people feel depressed, so during the holidays, people will go to the resort to see the scenery and learn about the exotic customs, it is very interesting!
  • Hiking

Hiking is a very popular sport. Some people will choose a route for more than ten days of hiking. During the journey, they can see different scenes they can't see in the city, such as montains, creeks,canyons, etc. So that the restless mind will be precipitated, In the dead of night, there is no noise in the ears, and they can concentrate on listening to the sounds of nature, closer to nature.

  • Self-driving tour
Self-driving is the most convenient way for people to travel, people can go to many places by car, today to the Netherlands, tomorrow to France, the day after tomorrow to Italy, wherever and whenever they want to go leisurely, so this is also the most popular way to enjoying vacation!

Do you also want to having self-driving tour for this Vacation? Turbochargers can make your car more powerful and go faster and farther. Please be sure to check your turbocharger before traveling, if there is any damage, please contact us in time: REFONE GROUP - Professional Turbocharger Manufacturer!

Summer Vacation 2022

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