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Refone New performance Turbocharger-Dual Ceramic Ball Bearing

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Refone National day Holiday Notice

Refone National day Holiday Notice

The 2022 National Day holiday of Refone is from October 1st to October 7th, if you have any demand in turbos during the holiday, please feel free to leave us a message via email or Whatsapp. The National Day of the People's Republic of China, sometimes abbreviated as National Day or Guoqing, is a fe...

Refone New performance Turbocharger-Dual Ceramic Ball Bearing


Journal bearing traditional bearing systems consist of a set of journal bearings and a thrust bearing, the Rolling Alignment Bearing is a single-sleeve system with a set of angular contact ball bearings at both ends.

The cartridge ball bearing system has two bearings and each bearing contain 9 ceramic balls. And radial loads pioneered by garrett while bearing turbos have a bunch of balls sandwiched. Between an inner ring that connects to the shaft.

Ball Bearing turbochargers spool up 15% faster than traditional journal bearings. This produces an improved response that can be converted to quicker 0-60 mph speed.

At present, Refone has developed 5 models including GTX20, GTX25, GTX28, GTX30, GTX35, and more models of turbocharger are being developed.

FeaturesRefone New performance Turbocharger-Dual Ceramic Ball Bearing
  • Anti-surge compressor housing design
  • Light weight design CNC machined billet compressor wheel
  • Optional turbine housing A/R
  • Optional  Bolt an V-Band clamp turbine outlet flange
  • Dual ceramic ball bearing
  • Include water/oil feed and flange gaskets

Refone has been committed to providing high-quality and high-standard products to the global market, please feel free to contact Refone.

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