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Notice on the Relocation Arrangements of REFONE 2.0 factory

Notice on the Relocation Arrangements of REFONE 2.0 factory

Dear Customers and Partners: After nearly half a year of joint efforts, the workshop of Refone Group 2.0 factory located in Yanqiao Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park, Huishan District, Wuxi City is about to be delivered. We decide to organize the overall relocation of old Wuxi Refone factory...

What REFONE can do for your upgrading requirement?

Material Upgrading

* From forged compressor wheel to billet compressor wheel, flank milled and point milled are both available.

* Material for turbine housing, Si-mo, D5S, stainless steel are all available.

* Inconel 713/K418, MAR-M246 material for turbine shaft wheel

Technical Parameters Upgrading

* Compressor wheel and turbine shaft wheel size change

* Pressure of actuator can be customized

* Internal flow channel and A/R ratio of compressor housing or turbine housing can be customized

Reverse Development

* Small parts reverse development by drawing or coming sample, such as compress wheel, turbine shaft wheel, journal bearing, thrust bearing, back plate, heat shield, piston ring...

* Turbo housing reverse development including compressor housing, bearing housing and turbine housing according to 2D&3D drawing or real sample.

* Complete turbo reverse development and upgrading.

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