Distribution Benefits

Distribution Benefits

To be one of REFONE Distributors, you will enjoy at least the following benefits.

*The most competitive price level will be offered in the designated distribution area.  

*Priority of payment terms and shipping terms offered for good distributors.

*Stock can be prepared according to distributors' monthly or quarterly purchasing plan.

*Terminal customers who contact us directly will be introduced to their local REFONE distributors.

*A complete set of color box packaging supplied for each parts from REFONE.

*Professional technical support from consulting of technical data to after-sale service.

*Plenty of free promotional gifts provided for each exhibition such as REFONE LOGO waistcoats, notebooks, pens, key chains, calendars, etc..

*REFONE can share part of the finance to support our distributors to attend exhibitions with REFONE products and brands displayed in the expo. 

*REFONE will support our distributors to exploit more marketing channels such as e-commerce B2B platforms, marketing website, Google Advertising and so on.

*New models development service available by receiving OE samples from our distributors.

*Sales rebate supplied once reaching the signed sales amount.

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