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/replacement turbocharger VA430072 VF38 for Subaru Legacy

replacement turbocharger VA430072 VF38 for Subaru Legacy

Refone Subaru Legacy/Liberty turbocharger VA430072 VF38 comes 12 months warranty and after sales service.
  • Refone Code:

  • Part No.:

    VA430072, VB430072, VC430072, VD430072, VE430072
  • OE No.:

  • Turbo Model:

  • Application:

    Subaru Legacy/Liberty

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REFONE new product:V-Band Flange Assemblies

REFONE new product:V-Band Flange Assemblies

Refone provide turbocharger(also called turbocargadores) to the aftermarket  for over 10 years. We would like to introduce our new turbo accessory:V-Band Flange Assemblies. V-Band Flange Assemblies are a popular and effective alternative to traditional flanged or slip fit tube connections. They...

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replacement turbocharger VA430072 VF38 for Subaru Legacy

Buy high quality turbocharger from Refone Group Limited, a leading manufacturer and supplier of multiple turbos and turbo parts. 

REFONE can supply many other models turbo as well, like Toyota, MHI, Nissan, Hyundai, Cummins, Volvo etc. as well as some billet turbochargers and upgrading turbos.


Item: New replacement turbocharger for After Market 

Fit turbos: VA430072, VB430072, VC430072, VD430072, VE430072

Turbo model: RHF5

OE number: 14411AA471

Deacription:Subaru Legacy/Liberty


Subaru Legacy or Subaru Liberty MY05-MY06

After Service

* 12 months unlimited mileage warranty
* REFONE package or customer's package available
* Technology support for any after-service
* Customized upgrading service acceptable

Subaru turbocharger manufacturer

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