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REFONE LIVE BROADCAST on Mar,18th - Refoneturbo.com

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Happy Labor Day 2022 | Refoneturbo.com

Happy Labor Day 2022 | Refoneturbo.com

May 1 is observed as May Day and is also known as International Labor Day worldwide. The day is observed as an occasion to commemorate the contributions of labourers and working class. This day has been declared a national holiday in numerous countries. It is also called Antarrashtriya Sharmik Diwas...

REFONE LIVE BROADCAST on Mar,18th - Refoneturbo.com


REFONE held a live broadcast at the afternoon on March,18th!

Our anchor come to factory to show several hot selling Turbos and Cartridges,He explained the model, part number, size and material of each product in detail, and was very experienced.

Many visitors left comments asking about prices and products. Our anchors explained them one by one. Customers got real attention and contacted us in the background to purchase products further.

In fact, we often carry out live broadcast, not only to promote products, but also to take the audience to visit our factories and office environment, so that customers can know more about REFONE.

Although the global COVID-19 situation is still serious, live broadcasts can shortened the distance between us and customers,also let customers trust REFONE more.

In this live broadcast, we showed following Turbochargers and parts, as well as some fuel injectors. You can view the full version on our youtube. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us!

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