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Installation Guide of Turbo Charger

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Installation Guide of Turbo Charger


Please install your turbochargers according to our following installation guide in order to avoid some unnecessary damages.


1. Change new recommended quality oil & air filters.

2. Change recommended engine oil.

3. Pre-oil the turbo oil inlet.

4. Change new oil inlet pipes or flush the oil inlet pipes to remove flakes or carbon deposits.

5. Ensure oil supply of at least 0.5kgf/m2 or 7 psi within 3 seconds 1st engine start (if possible, use oil gauge to measure).

6. Mount turbine inlet to engine manifold

7. Attach oil inlet pipe to turbo and crank the engine a few times until oil flows out of the turbo oil drain. Then attach the oil drain pipe.

8. Connect remaining air piping hose.

9. Ensure that all bolts, screws & nuts are tightened.

10. Allow engine to idle for 5 minutes before operating at higher rpm.

11. Check for unusual noises and leaks

12. Do not operate the turbo if you suspect any problems. Consult us immediately.

*General Precaution

1. Do not let foreign objects (screws, bolts, metal fragments tools) enter ducts.

2. Ensure that suitable gasket/metal flange is used for the turbine inlet, oil inlet and oil outlet. Do not use ‘glue’ gasket.

3. Do not handle the turbo via the waste gate actuator rod or boost hose.

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