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Happy China Mid-Autumn Festival

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Happy China Mid-Autumn Festival


The Mid-Autumn Festival, also referred to August Moon Festival due to its lunar date on August 15th, is one of the most important traditional Festival. This year, it is on the Gregorian calendar date of September 13th.

At that night, the moon becomes very round and bright if it is sunny weather, which means “reunion”. No matter how busy in common days, Chinese families always gather together to enjoy a wonderful meal and watch moon.


Moon-cake is representative food for Mid-Autumn Festival. In ancient times, these cake used for worship “Luna” by Dynasty nobles.

After years, it gradually spread to folk. After a grand dinner, people usually eat moon-cake and watch moon together. In ancient legend, there is a beautiful fairy named Chang -E, who eaten the magic medicine on August 15 and then flied to the moon.

She gained eternal life but she could only live alone in the cold Guanghan Palace on moon forever and can’t get together with his husband Hou Yi any more. Therefore people are more grateful for the good times with their lovers and children in this Festival.

There are also many other interesting activities in Mid-Autumn Festival, such as Dance Torch, Drink osmanthus wine, Light Lanterns. The atmosphere is always lively and warm in this night.


Refone Group limited hope everyone enjoy this traditional Festival on 13 of September!

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